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Accepted Business Type


Adult Products and Services (listed below)

Audiotext (Phone Sex)

Memberships, Clubs, Subscriptions

Videotext (images via the Internet)

Adult Products and Services (listed below)

Adult Products/Merchandise-Not Unqualified (Non Graphic Images)


Antiques & Antique Reproductions

Any products on Internet containing graphic or nude content

Auction Houses

Bail Bondsmen

Barter Associations

Cash Advances/Money Orders


Check Cashing Establishments

Coin, Stamp, Collectables Dealers

Computer & Computer Software

Computer Network/Information Services - ISP's, Hosting, Electronic Bulletin Boards

Computer Programming, Integrated Systems Design and Data Processing Services

Consulting, Management, and Public Relations Services


Credit Card Protection or identity theft service

Credit Repair/Restoration


Custom Made Items (Except Golf Clubs)

Dating/Escort Services (No Adult, Brick and Mortar)

Dating/Escort Services (on-line, no Adult)

Debt Consolidation Services

Diet Programs/Vitamin Sales/Herbal Remedies-via MO/TO or Internet

Direct Marketing - Catalog Merchants

Direct Marketing - Combination Catalog and Retail Merchants

Direct Marketing - Continuity/Subscription Merchant

Direct Marketing - Insurance Services

Direct Marketing - Other Direct Marketers (Including Infomercials)

Discount Buying Clubs/Home Shopping Clubs

Door to Door Sales

Extended Warranty Companies

Employment Agencies

Enhancement/nutritional/pseudo-pharmaceutical products (anti-aging pills, Sex Nutrients, etc.)

Event Planners

Solutions & Services

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